The wonders of buildr and winstone.

Just to remind myself how good ruby + rake + builder can be, I spent the afternoon trying to create a showcase artifact.  I thought I’d try and see how quickly I could get winstone up and running [its the app server for hudson].

So, I found out that winstone and tomcat disagree on how to handle “AUTHENTICATED_USER”, but otherwise, all I had to was mask the web.xml from my war artifact and transform it into something else.

The buildr script is below.  You have to assume there are two other projects (“db”, and “web”), and we use liquibase and hsqldb for the showcase environment.  I think the script took me 15 minutes to work out, and the rest was cycling around trying to get winstone to fire up (e.g. working out what should go in the new web.xml).

This is extremely succinct compared to ant, and even rake (without buildr) would be harder to create.

        define “showcase” do



            resources.from project(‘web’).file(‘src/main’)

            resources.from _(‘src/main/resources’)

            resources.include( ‘**/webapp/WEB-INF/web.xml’)

            resources.include( ‘**/*showcase*’ )

            resources.filter.using :ant, ‘authorisation.xml.fragment’ => xml_fragment


            package(:war).merge( project(‘web’).package(:war)).exclude( ‘WEB-INF/web.xml’)

            package(:war).include( _(‘target/resources/webapp/WEB-INF’) )

            package(:war).exclude( _(‘target/resources/**/changelog.xml’))

            package(:war).exclude( _(‘target/resources/**/*showcase*’))


            package(:jar).with :manifest =>{ ‘Main-Class’ => ‘showcase.Launcher’}

            package(:jar).include( package(:war), :as => ’embedded.war’)

            package(:jar).merge( artifact(LIQUIBASE_JAR))

            package(:jar).merge( artifact(HSQLDB_CLIENT_JAR))

            package(:jar).include( project(‘db’).file( ‘src/main/resources/changelog.xml’) )

#            package(:jar).



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